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Photo Gallery

Our photo gallery captures the most significant moments of the various activities and events organized by Casa Juana Colón. We invite you to explore this visual collection and relive with us the moments that unite us in the journey for a future free of violence.


Walk for Casa Juana Colón

Casa Juana Colón organized two walks to raise funds to continue supporting women survivors of gender-based violence. These photos capture the solidarity and commitment of our community on a day filled with hope.


The FotoVoz exhibition "Realities and Dreams in Comerío: A Just Recovery" is based on the collaborative work of Casa Juana Colón, the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR-RCM), Florida International University (FIU), and the University of Utah.

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Mitigación 14 de agosto 2020 3.jpg


During Hurricanes Fiona and María, Casa Juana Colón supported the community with services and supplies. During the pandemic, educational campaigns were conducted with Dr. Eddie Ortiz and Psychologist Margarita de Jesús, and the creation of the Junte Comunitario was promoted. Casa Juana Colón continues to be a pillar of resilience and hope.

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