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Project TERE

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Transforming for Peace

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Community Health Services Coordinators


Seeds of Hope

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Project TERE

We offer free legal support to low-income women in civil, administrative and family cases. This offering goes hand in hand with mentoring, healing through the arts and workshops on access to justice for women and survivors of gender-based violence and sexual assault. This project is supported by a grant from Access to Justice Fund Foundation.

  • Services:

    • Legal guidance

    • Legal advice

    • Legal representation

    • Healing through art workshops (Mandalas)

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Transforming for Peace

Transforming for Peace seeks to provide emotional support through individual and group services, psychoeducational therapies, empowerment workshops, and art therapy to survivors of gender-based violence. These services aimed to develop skills in assertiveness for emotional management and trauma healing. We take into consideration the diversity of each individual, therefore, we utilize tools such as different learning methods based on multiple intelligence approach and differentiated education. In addition, our methodology is based on the gender perspective and the principles of restorative justice which allows the healing of emotional wounds caused by gender violence and sexual aggression. This project is made possible by the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW).

  • Services:

    • Psychological Services

    • Case management

    • Self-portrait workshop with sound

Transformando / Feria

Community Coordinators of
Health Services

We guarantee participants access to quality health services at the appropriate place and time in an environment that is safe. Our main objective is to address the barriers that the health system presents to the most vulnerable populations of Comerío. We coordinate appointments with the different medical plans to verify eligibility, appointments with specialists and generalists taking into consideration the needs of each participant. Also we have a medical support team. We break down the barriers that each participant faces when receiving health services. Among other health access services, we support participants in sending documents, communicating with the provider,arranging transportation, among other health access services.


Seeds of Hope


Seeds of Hope is a project that seeks to support survivors of domestic violence and secondary victims. We have the support of a Legal Advocate who accompanies the survivors of domestic violence to the Comerío court.

Additionally, through psychological therapy, mentoring, art therapy and creative writing workshops, we integrate the children (secondary victims) of the survivors in healing processes and provide them emotional support.

Art Therapy
Mentoring for personal growth and development
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