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Casa Juana Colón

Support and Guidance for Women, Inc.

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Our History

Helping the community since 2004

Casa Juana Colón, Apoyo y Orientación a la Mujer, Inc. is a non-profit community organization founded in 2004 in the town of Comerío, Puerto Rico. We provide care to women of limited financial means, but especially to survivors of gender violence in all its forms and sexual violence. We offer legal and psychological support, workshops to promote healing through art, educational workshops to participants, and coordination of health services to residents of Comerío and other nearby towns. Our organization is distinguished by its sense of community support. We are located in the central-rural area of the country. Given the scarcity of care centers and services to address issues of poverty, lack of access to justice, medical and mental health services to serve the most vulnerable culturally specific populations, Casa Juana Colón is a real alternative for women and children. 

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We acknowledge the support of

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