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This scholarship is in honor of María Teresa Vázquez Marrero (Tere Vázquez), founder of our organization. She was a visionary woman who worked with the youth and women of Comerío. She worked as a Spanish teacher and as a school counselor in several public schools in Comerío. This experience kept her attentive to the needs of children and youth. She advocated for maintaining close ties between the schools and Casa Juana Colón. 

Beca Tere

It is for this reason that on September 1, 2020, the board of directors of Casa Juana Colón, Apoyo y Orientación a la Mujer, Inc. approved the María Teresa Vázquez Marrero Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to two students in Comerío high schools in their senior year who have been admitted to a Post-Secondary Education College or university and who in their student lives stood up for civic actions. The purpose of this award is to support the beginning of the educational formation of young Comerieñas(os).

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